Earlybird Registration took place on October 12th… however, there is still time to register before the season kicks off.

Late Registration will be on:  Thursday, November 16th @ 5:30 pm  |  Central Middle School Cafeteria (before our monthly meeting that takes place at 6 pm).

If you would like more information, please contact HWC-Registration Director: Marcy Fluhr.

Fees: K-2nd Grade ($50)  |  3rd – 8th Grade ($85)  |  Central Program ($85)

Volunteer Fee:  Volunteers are essential to the success of our club.  Each family is required to post a $100 volunteer fee.  If the family volunteers 5 hours per season the fee is either returned or rolled over to next year’s season.  ** 5 hours per family, not per child.



You can download our registration form HERE.

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